The Vancouver Sun – December 31, 2010


Here’s an interesting new product for people who want to garden but are held back by allergies or asthma or the fear of breathing in toxins: fashionable face masks, designed to protect against the inhalation of  pollen and chemical dust from fertilizers.

Designed by Robyn Tauber, founder of Couture Brands, of Miami Beach, Florida, the masks were one of the ideas for  fashionable medical and travel items she came up with after suffering an arm injury in 2003.

The products range from fashion slings to face masks for travelers, hair salon employees and their clientele and gardeners.

The breathable garden masks are designed to filter out airborne pollen and come in a variety of solid colours and prints ranging from tropical, polka dot to denim, sequin and satin finishes. They can be worn three for four times before discarding. The masks cost $11.45. For more information go to All items can be purchased through the website directly.