The Detroit News – February 10, 2011

Sling Couture creates automotive accessories

Larry Edsall / Special to The Detroit News

Robyn Tauber, a busy mother of two children and a caretaker of four dogs, was enjoying a Saturday morning walk a few years ago near her Miami-area home when a truck driver blew a stop sign and struck her.

Tauber considers that her “lucky break.”

Lucky in the sense that her worst injury was a broken arm, but even luckier in the sense that the incident launched her into her own business.

Some 10 days after the accident, Tauber was to attend a black-tie function and wasn’t about to wear the standard-issue arm sling. So she created her own, trimmed it with sequins, and everyone at the event thought it was part of her strapless dress.

That’s how Sling Couture began. Now, Couture Brands Inc., in addition to slings and cast covers, breast cancer products, eye-glasses sheaths and face masks, has launched a line of automotive accessories — center console and headrest covers.

How did Tauber go from fashion medical accessories to fashion accessories for cars?

“I got a new car and was tired of the white leather center console getting grubby,” she said.

Her new car was a Mercedes ML, a sport utility she needed for her growing business, but it wasn’t nearly as attractive to her eye as the sporty coupe she’d been driving. So she had one of her seamstresses make a console cover for the vehicle and then added matching headrest covers.

“Girlfriends wanted to buy them for their cars,” Tauber said.

Couture Brands’ Fashion Car Couture console and headrest covers are available for seemingly every vehicle and in materials ranging from bright, glittery fabrics to more subdued micro suede materials, which have men buying as many of Tauber’s products as women.

Console covers, available in five sizes, are $19.95. Headrest covers, in four sizes as well as in a special version designed for Mercedes’ Neck-Pro anti-whiplash headrests — run $34.95 for a pair.

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