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Just a note to say "THANK YOU" for your excellent service & product.
Lisa U., USA

Thanks for the fast shipment
Satisfied Customer Of Couture Brands, USA

For people who are recovering from an arm or leg injury yet still have active social lives, Sling Couture is ideal. They sell high-fashion arm slings and cast covers. You've got to see this: it's interesting that there are businesses emerging to sell medical supplies that aren't ugly.

"When you work with the public, it is important to protect yourself from disease. Getting sick is awful…I have found that I very rarely suffer from such maladies because I wear a face mask wherever I go. I work as the night watchman at the largest Bible repository in the Southeast. It is of the greatest importance that I hide my mouth and nose from germs …. I like the Sling Couture brand in particular because it comes in such a wide array of colors (however I have only purchased the Silver Glitter color, since it matches my work uniform). I also enjoy the rhinestone SC logo on the front."
Bored Girl, Charlestown, SC

Great Item….great communication….Thanks ***** (5 of 5 Stars!)
M.D., New York, NY

Just wanted to share a pic of my wonderful Sling Couture! I had shoulder surgery and I was thrilled to finally wear it after being in a medical sling for 7 weeks, thanks for making the next few months of recovery fun & fashionable for me~ I can't wait to get my "Black Tie" sling. It's gonna look stunning with my new dress.
Catherine K., USA

My mom loved this sling!" It gave her a real pick me up. She could be fashionable even with her disability
Elizabeth, Illinois

"I was so happy to a get a mask that not only was in a masculine color, but it matches my work uniform! I won't be too embarrassed to wear it & my lungs will thank me for it.
Gene - The Cable Guy , Keizer, OR

Look at our Gorgeous clients in "Pretty In Pink" and "Black Tie"!! How perfect!!
Destination Fashion, Bal Harbour Shops

I can't tell you how much we appreciate your extra attention. It's people like you that make the world such a wonderful place! Finding people that go above and beyond what is required of them is such a rarity these days and you most certainly have!
Melissa M., USA

I placed an order last week and received it today. It's perfect! Thank you so much.
Very Satisfied Customer, USA

My daughter received a lot of compliments on her sling. She got her cast removed last week. But, still wanted to wear the sling! LOL Here is a pic of her on her first day of school.
M.B. , Michigan

They were very stylish. I was particularly impressed with the quality. They are very well made. Most impressive though is the performance... don't have to sacrifice comfort & function... I am getting a kick out of the response. Instead of asking about my injury.. so far it has been all about the slings... HOORAY! And the cast covers are perfect!
Jennifer O., USA

Thank you for keeping me in style even during recovery from surgery! My "Bling" sling has been a hit!

Hi Robyn! Yes, this is the second sling I've bought from you! Both are actually for my mother-in-law who required two surgeries after a fall in November. She has a few other slings but yours have been the BEST! The most comfortable And the most glamorous!! She gets compliments everywhere she goes!! And she always tells them about Sling Couture!! So, thank you very much!! We appreciate it!!
Rachel M., Florida

Just wanted to say thank you very much for the small cast cover! It was a HIT at my wedding. My boss really liked it and I felt that I could wear my brace and still look really great! Thank you much!!
S.H., Miami

Not only does it look good but it feels amazing to wear. It makes me feel secure & and cradled, I even slept with it while I was in the worst part of my recovery... My arm is getting so much better, I'm not sure I'm going to be wearing these much longer but I believe that your sling healed me, cause I felt so cradled and safe in it and it's SO glamorous!
Rosie F., USA

I just wanted to say thank you. The BMW console & headrest covers fit perfectly. I really appreciate your great customer service! Thanks again for taking the time and effort to make sure the fit was exact.
T.R., Brooklyn, NY

Thanks for helping all patients through an unbelievably difficult time.

"How soon can you get my new Center Console Cover to me for my new car….my last set was awesome and my new center console is already getting grubby so please deliver ASAP!!!"
Sam S., Bal Harbour FL

EVERYONE commented on it…It's very classy-looking, and many, MANY people looked at me from afar, too. The fabric is nice and warm and I just love it so much! Rating ***** (5 of 5 Stars!)
Susan L., Florida

Just What The Dr. Ordered! Pros:  Effective.  Comfortable.  Wife loves BLING.  Easy To Use. Best Uses:  Great for out on the town. Great for dress up occasions when the standard issue adds no bling.
Becoming Bionic, Texas

Easy transaction. Item as described. Highly recommend A+!

Making a Cast a Fashion Statement! This is a fashionable sling that functions beautifully. It makes having a cast a little more bearable.
Carly, Memphis, Tenn.

WOW!!! The Compliments!!! This is the best thing about my fracture!!! Thanks!!!
Ruth G., USA

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